We wanted to live a practical life too, so we do DIY projects that our skills can manage. This is commendable, especially if you have the resources to do. There are tasks that are better left to professionals, but when it comes to car maintenance, there are things that you can do on your own. What are these? Read more.  


  1. Checking the Air Filters 

The vehicle will need a new air filter once every 12 months. It also needs to be changed once you recorded 12,000 miles of travel. It will only take you 10 minutes to do on your own, and you’ll spend $10 on the air filter. What you do is pop the hood of your car, the filter is located in a black rectangular box. Open the casing and take note where the filter faces. Remove the old air filter, insert the new one and close when you’re done.  

  1. Replacing Spark Plugs 

The spark plugs need to be replaced after 30,000 miles worth of travel. This task sounds labor intensive, but the process is actually pretty simple. Just exercise patience because the installation should be on a specific order. First, look for the spark plug, it’s attached to thick rubber wires. Second, remove the wire to the first spark plug. Maintain the order the wires. When doing this, you need to use a spark plug socket. Once done, install the new spark plug. Screw it and then tighten with a wrench. Lastly, re-attach the wire.  

  1. Windshield Wipers 

After 6 months or one year of using the wiper blades, you have to change them. You don’t need to do an inconvenient trip to the shop if you’re just changing the windshield wipers, because you can do this on your own. However, if you have a damaged windshield, then you need to call windshield replacement lees summit technicians. Refer to your user manual for the process. But somehow, it’s almost similar to changing the air filters.  

First, lift the blades and remove them. Notice how the old blades are connected to the metal arms. If you see a tab on the wiper’s underside, push it to remove the blade. Next, attach the new blades. Be careful with this so you won’t scratch the windshield or bend the wiper. Make sure everything is secure and tight.

  1. Changing Oil and Oil Filters 

Changing the oil is the dirtiest maintenance task you can do, but it’s going to be worth it. The oil should be changed every 3,000 miles or 5,00 miles, depending 

BestMixer on how efficient the products you use. The point is, if you don’t change oil and its filter, it might affect the efficiency of your engine. Dirt and debris can clog the filter, which makes the engine to work harder. This will lead to additional stress the engine is experiencing. Check here on how to change your oil.  

  1. Maintaining the Battery 

A good battery connection is a one of the ways to keep your car running efficiently. A visual check of the batteries will tell you how to better take care of it. First, remove the battery terminals. Clean the post using a professional product you can buy at an auto store. Apply the fluid to the posts and clean them with a wire brush. Next, rinse it with little water. Grab some rags to dry the posts. Finally, replace the battery terminals.