No matter what we do and how much we take care of our cars, unexpected things happen like denting. Not that it just pops out of nowhere, but dents can be caused by several reasons. Most commonly, dents happen because of accidents and unintentional mishaps. There are other factors that can cause them as well. Knowing them can help us prevent or at least minimize and prepare for it if it happens. Not to worry if it happens though. There are certain remedies and fixes that can be done to bring back the beautiful dentless state of your vehicle back to its glory.

Paintless Dent Repair Colorado Springs

Here are some causes of vehicle dents and how to address them.

Causes of Dents

1. Car Door Bumps

When you get to the parking lot to park your car and go buy some grocery stuff, it was not that crowded. But when you get back, you can no longer find your car. It’s like attending a concert at Coachella and finding your friend who got lost. Ok maybe that’s exaggerated but you get the point. When cars are parked too close to each other, there’s no other way around but hitting each other.

2. Shopping Cart Bumps

Or, when you’re already done shopping for groceries to go back to your car and saw that a shopping trolley has already made its way to your car door before you did.

3. Hail Dents

All hail the mighty hail that you can only hope and pray not to get hit by one. Hailstorm or even just a couple ones falling from the sky can be unexpected. Scratch that. They are unexpected. They can’t be accurately predicted either. Which means when hail happens, you can only wish that you parked your vehicle in a covered parking lot or something similar.

4. Sport Accidents

Baseball, football, soccer, and other sports that can only be played with balls, can have their balls flying out of the players’ control and land on your car. They are also unintended accidents that can happen anytime when you’re around the vicinity or near the field where the sport takes place. The worst hit from a ball would probably be from a golf play. It will be like a hailstone hit your car.

5. Car Wash

Cars and other vehicles leave the car wash shining more than a knight in armor. They tick the box when it comes to being shiny and spotless. But not the dent box. Sometimes, they can leave with dents when they are in the conveyor during a car wash.

6. Road Accidents

Like others on this list, this also happens accidentally or unintentionally. Who would want to be in an accident? A big or even a small one can cause dents on the bumper, the trunk, or even the sides.

Although dents can happen anytime, no hope should be lost. Experts can bring back your car to its dentless condition. Paintless dent repair Colorado Springs is one of them.